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There is no question that slate tiles are the mother of all roofing materials. Their superiority is hard to ignore because they are like no other. Made from composite rock, slate is the most durable material known to man. It also comes with a classic look that is iconic to say the least. It s both fire and wind tear resistant making your roof last very long. In fact, many slate roofs have been known to last for hundreds of years. It is for this reason that slate roofs are more expensive to install at first. However, if you think about the long term service they will deliver, you will be making a wise decision to get full value for money.

The good news is that when you need slate roofing services, we are a trusted company to engage with. We have done slate roofing for a long time and we deliver the right installation to meet your needs. Slate tiles come in a wide array of sizes, colors and thickness. This ensures that you are able to choose a design that will match your architectural needs accordingly. It does not matter whether you are doing slate roofing for your commercial or residential property; we have the skill and expertise to deliver.

Choosing slate tiles will mean saying goodbye to any mold and fungus problems. In addition, slate shingles can be recycled when you need roof repairs saving you good money. This choice of roofing is environmentally friendly and in this regard, we are a company that lauds those who choose to go this direction. Our technicians are well trained to deal with all the elements of installation. We acknowledge that since slate tiles might carry more weight, your roof may need proper reinforcement. Copper and stainless steel nails are our choice when it comes to installation to resist corrosion. Reach us today for your slating work and get professional services that are affordable and convenient.

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