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* What is TPO?

TPO or Thermoplastic Polyolefin basically a single ply reflective roofing membrane that is made from ethylene-propylene and polypropylene rubber polymised together. It’s installed in a mechanically attached or fully adhered system allowing white membranes to remain exposed throughout the roof’s life. TPO’s first sheet of roofing membrane was installed in the year 1989; since then, numerous TPOs have been installed globally

* Cooling degree days

TPO roofing membranes are more attractive in areas that have excess cooling degree days as compared to heating degree days. The membranes of TPO reflect UV radiations to keep the surface of the building and roof cool during summer

* Sustainability and reflectivity

Most organizations and companies are thrilled with environmental benefits associated with TPO membranes. TPO provides a reflective roof that works together with solar panels and skylights to reach impressive levels of sustainability

* TPO today

TPO remains one of the best commercial roofing membranes in the market today. In fact it’s the fastest growing in the U.S having consistently grown from 23%-41% in the last 7 years. Since its first installation in early 90’s, millions of square meters of TPO roofing membranes have been installed globally. TPO is also 100% recyclable

* Benefits of TPO

  • – 1. Versatility, flexibility and durability-TPO is resistant to impact, punctures and tears yet its flexible in allowing building movements. Its can be found in three different thicknesses and can be installed on high and low slope surfaces. It can be reshaped several times by getting heated
  • – 2. Easy to install and economical- apart from allowing rapid installation, it requires little maintenance since its membranes are mechanically attached and fully adhered
  • – 3. Cool roofing matters- light colored roofs that reflect the energy of the sun play an important role in reducing the cooling costs of the building
  • – 4. Environmentally friendly and sustainable- TPO membranes have hazardous or toxic ingredients that are fully recyclable


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